What asset classes do your ETFs represent?

A well-balanced portfolio is crucial for building wealth and limiting risk. Each of our portfolios includes between 8 and 10 ETFs and each ETF represents a unique asset class:

Asset Class Symbol ETF Portfolios
Canadian Stocks XIC iShares Core S&P/TSX Capped Composite Index ETF Conservative, Balanced, Growth
US Stocks VTI Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF Conservative, Balanced, Growth
Dividend Stocks PDF Purpose Core Dividend Fund  Conservative, Balanced
Foreign Stocks IEFA iShares Core MSCI IEFA ETF Conservative, Balanced, Growth
Emerging Market Stocks IEMG iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets ETF Balanced, Growth
Canadian Corporate Bonds ZCS BMO Short Corporate Bond Index ETF Conservative, Balanced, Growth
US High Yield Bonds ZHY BMO High Yield US Corporate Bond Hedged ETF Conservative, Balanced
Canadian Government Bonds ZFM BMO Mid Federal Bond Index ETF Conservative, Balanced, Growth

Real Estate 

PHR Purpose Duration Hedged Real Estate Fund Conservative, Balanced
US Stocks VUS Vanguard US Total Market Index ETF  Growth
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