Wealthsimple for Work FAQ

What is Wealthsimple for Work?

Wealthsimple for Work is an entirely digital way to power your company's investment benefit or Group RRSP plans.

Why would I use Wealthsimple for Work?

Wealthsimple for Work offers seamless direct contribution from you or your employees to their investment accounts. And your employees will love the low cost, and personalized portfolios that are easily accessible anywhere, anytime.

What happens when I start signing up?

We'll ask for your contact details, questions about your firm, and help you set up your employee plans. We'll securely connect with your payroll provider, which will always act as the record of truth for employees and their compensation details. Then you'll be able to start adding employees simply by adding them to one of your plans!

What happens after I add an employee to a plan?

Your employee will receive an email inviting them to participate in your company's investment benefit. If they accept, they will set up a Wealthsimple account and go through our standard new client sign-up process, including taking a short risk assessment, providing some personal and banking details, and e-signing our investment management agreements. Once setup, they'll be able to manage their paycheque contributions easily from their dashboard.

Whose responsibility is collecting KYC information and assessing suitability?

Wealthsimple is the portfolio manager on all client accounts. We are required to perform these tasks.

Will my employees have access to customer support?

Absolutely! Our Relationship Management team will provide the same great service to your employees as for any other Wealthsimple client.

What do my employees see in their dashboards?

Your client will enjoy the same experience as other Wealthsimple clients. Not sure what that looks like? Sign up at wealthsimple.com and see for yourself!

I still have questions!

Email us at support@wealthsimple.com.

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