Referring friends - how can I get $10,000 in additional assets for free added to my account?

We love when our clients share Wealthsimple with friends! For every friend you invite who funds their account, you both get an additional $10,000 managed for free for 12 months. 

You can easily invite friends while logged into your Wealthsimple profile or by providing them with your personal referral link available on the Earn Credit page. Once invited, you can track the progress of each of each of your referrals from that same page. 

Once a friend signs up, she will receive the $10,000 of additional credit immediately. After she deposits at least $10 into Wealthsimple, the $10,000 of additional credit will be automatically added to your account. 

If you've previously referred a friend or have been referred by a friend and you're not seeing it in your referral tracker, just submit a request with the name of your friend(s)! We're happy to apply the promo within 30 days of account opening. 

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