How can I deposit Canadian Dollars into my US Investment Account

You can fund your US investment account by wire! You can either have these funds converted to US dollars automatically or hold them in Canadian dollars.


To wire CAD and convert CAD to USD on the same day, please request a wire using the following wire instructions:

Bank: BMO Harris Bank 111 W Monroe St Chicago, IL 60603

Account: 3713286

ABA: 071000288

FFC – Your name and account number of where you would like these funds deposited. You can find your account numbers at any time in the My Documents section of our website. They are listed in each of your trade confirmations, monthly statements, and Investor Policy Statement.


To wire CAD to your account and hold these funds in Canadian dollars, please use the following wire instructions:

Currency Description: Canadian Dollar

ISO Currency Code: CAD

Local/Intermediary Bank: CIBCCATT

Final Beneficiary Financial Institution: MELNUS3PGSS

Account w/ Institution Number: PBPF5001002

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