I haven't received my withdrawal yet


Withdrawals can take up to seven business days to complete from the time the withdrawal is requested to the time the money arrives in your bank account. The time lag is due to regulatory waiting periods associated with selling the assets in your account. Once we've sent funds back to your bank it may also take up to one business day for them to post the funds to your account.

You can check the scheduled date and status of your withdrawal on the Withdrawals Page. If your withdrawal has disappeared from the withdrawals page, check your activities to see if the withdrawal has been sent out.

In some cases, your withdrawal might have been sent out for a value smaller than you anticipated. One thing to note is that funds cannot be withdrawn until seven days after they are deposited. This seven day period is known as the clearing period in which your bank can reject the transfer and pull the funds back. If you initiated a withdrawal during clearing period after you deposited funds, only funds that have been in your account for longer than seven days or any earnings on your initial deposit would be sent out to you. This may result in a withdrawal being sent out as only a few cents instead of the requested amount.

If you've found yourself in the scenario above, no worries! You will be able to initiate a new withdrawal once your deposit has cleared after seven days.

If you still haven't received your withdrawal after seven business days please contact support.

Please note that for large withdrawals over $200,000 we recommend getting in touch with us as certain regulatory checks could result in a 1-2 business day delay on top of the timeline outlined above. 

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