How can I transfer my registered pension plan to Wealthsimple?

You can transfer your registered pension plans to your Wealthsimple account so long as your employer is no longer making contributions to the plan.

All the information required for a pension transfer should be outlined in a pension transfer package you've received from your employer. If you haven't received a pension transfer package please contact your employer to request this package. If your employer doesn't provide a transfer package you can complete your transfer by following this guide.

Completing the transfer documents

Make sure to list "Canadian ShareOwner Investments" as the receiving institution. This is our back office. Their information is as follows if needed:

Name of Receiving: Canadian Shareowner Investments Inc
Address: 862 Richmond St W #201, Toronto, ON M6J 1C9
FINS#: T003
Specimen Plan Number: RSP 521-145

If the funds in your employer plan are "locked in" they'll need to be transferred into a Wealthsimple LIRA account. You can open a new LIRA on the Add Account Page. If the funds aren't locked in, they can be transferred into your RRSP.

You can find the account number for your LIRA or RRSP at any time in the My Documents section of our website. They are listed in each of your trade confirmations, monthly statements, and Investor Policy Statement

If you require any further assistance with this process please contact us.

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