How long does it take for my funds to invest?

With Wealthsimple, you can have your funds invested in as little as 48 hours.

Registration: With our seamless onboarding process, you can set up your account and initiate a funds transfer in under 15 minutes.

Deposits: Deposits from your bank account are processed overnight. Once your bank details are verified, your deposit will be processed within 2 hours.

Trading: Once received, we'll invest your money and have your portfolio visible online within 48 hours. 

Institutional Transfers

Transferring an existing investment account to Wealthsimple can take up to 4-5 weeks. We're working hard to make these transfers faster; however, they're heavily dependent on the time it takes your current institution to respond to the transfer request. 

My funds haven't been traded or transferred and it's passed the timeline stated above. What do I do?

1. There are a few things to note with the timelines above.

The first is that these timelines may be extended if you just opened your account or if you are funding your account for the first time. Please allow 1-2 additional business days to the times above if this is the first time you are funding your account.

Deposits and withdrawals are only processed on weekdays. Any transfer requests scheduled for the weekend will be processed the following Monday.

We update account values once per day. This means the function may be completed but not reflecting on your dashboard until the following day's update.

2. In some cases, we require additional information to open your account or verify your bank before we can perform the functions above. Please check the email address your Wealthsimple account is registered with to see if you've received any account updates from our support team.

3. If one of the functions above is still taking longer than expected, please create a request for our Relationship Management team.

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