What is a Financial Planning session?

A Financial Planning session is a conversation with one of our experienced Portfolio Managers and can focus on a few different things, depending on what your goals are.

i) A holistic overview of your financial situation
To start the process, we'll send you a comprehensive worksheet which will ask you to share some details about your financial situation including your current assets, accounts, income, and expenses! Once completed, we'll be able to speak to the overall health of your financial situation as-is.

ii) Goals-based planning
Based on the above, we can turn our focus to check whether you're on track to achieve your financial goals (and provide some recommendations on how to get back on track if needed). For example, if you're hoping to retire at a certain age, or make a big purchase in the future - we can check whether you're on track and, if required, help you plan for and recommend any adjustments to help you get there.

iii) Retirement Income (if applicable)
If you're retired or getting close, we can help plan a retirement income strategy that will provide you with the most benefit - such as minimizing taxes.

A Financial Plan document is sent to you for the Financial Planning session so that you have something to reference both during the session and afterwards! This is a living document and will change and grow along with you.

If you're an existing Wealthsimple Black client and would like to set up a Financial Planning session please reach out to black@wealthsimple.com

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