How is the $100,000 in net deposits calculated to reach Wealthsimple Black status?

The easiest way to see if you have reached Wealthsimple Black status is to sign in to your Wealthsimple profile (via a web browser) and look for the 'Black' tag to appear next to your Portfolio Balance! You should also receive a welcome email outlining your Wealthsimple Black status within a week of depositing over $100,000.

If you're not seeing this tag and would like to check to see what level your net deposits are at please sign in to your Wealthsimple profile. When you click in to each account you have open with Wealthsimple you will see an 'Account Value' and 'Net Deposits' value. Add up the 'Net Deposits' value from each of your accounts to calculate what you're overall net deposits position is!

Please note that while the net deposits calculation is cumulative across your Wealthsimple accounts, you should only include 'Net Deposits' for Wealthsimple accounts that you are the sole owner of and the accounts you are the primary owner of. For more information on how net deposits are attributed in co-owned accounts see our FAQ here.

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