Collecting contributions from friends & family - FAQs

You can now collect contributions from your friends, family, and network on all taxable Wealthsimple accounts. It's easy. Just enable collecting on the account page, personalize your page, and share the link with your family and friends! You can enable and disable this feature at any time.

When should I consider using this feature?

Anything you can think of! The most common occasions are wedding registries, baby showers, graduations, Baptisms, and Bar Mitzvahs.

How do I enable it?

You can turn it on by logging in to your Wealthsimple account and navigating to the personal taxable account of your choice. Once you're there, look for the on/off toggle on the left sidebar.

Which account types are eligible for collecting contributions?

This feature is only available on personal and joint accounts right now. It is not yet available for registered accounts that have contribution limits and tax implications.

Can I enable collecting contributions on more than one account?

You can enable Collect on as many personal accounts as you'd like. Each account that you and each account will have its own unique URL you can share with your friends.

Can I see who contributed to my account?

When anyone contributes to your account, you'll get an email notification letting you know who contributed, the amount they contributed, as well as any personal messages they may have sent as well.

How can I tell my friends about my contributing to my account?

Once you've enabled collecting on your account, your account will display a unique URL that you can share with your family & friends.

I no longer want to accept contributions to my account. How can I delete my page?

You can disable your page at any time by logging into your Wealthsimple account, navigating to the account you would like to disable and toggling the on/off setting on the left sidebar.

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