Can I have different risk profiles (portfolios) for each of my Wealthsimple accounts so that the accounts are invested in different portfolios?

You can definitely have different risk profiles (and therefore portfolios) for each of your Wealthsimple accounts! For example, if you are saving for retirement using your RRSP but are using your TFSA to save for a new car, there is a chance they have different time horizons and probably should be invested in different portfolios!

To request a risk profile change, you can simply log in to your Wealthsimple profile > Settings > Account> Investment Profile or click here while logged in. You will be prompted to complete a short survey and the last question will ask you to indicate the account you're requesting the change for. Choose the account you would like the risk profile to be adjusted for.

After submission, one of our Portfolio Managers will respond to your request through email in 1-2 business days. You may be required to book a call with a Portfolio Manager to ensure that your investment changes are aligned with your goals.

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