How do I find out what my TFSA contribution room is?

One of the most reliable ways to check your available contribution room is to log in or register for an online account with the Canadian Revenue Agency. They track all of your TFSA contributions and update it at the beginning of every calendar year (even if you have TFSAs at different institutions). Alternatively, you can also check your latest tax return for your TFSA contribution room.

If you're having trouble finding your contribution room with your CRA login, here's a step by step instructions (with screenshots!) to guide you:

  1. Go to the CRA My Account login
  2. Log in with your preferred method. If you've set up your bank as a sign-in partner, this is the simplest way to access your CRA account.
  3. Under the tabbed header, navigate to RRSP and TFSA Screenshot
  4. Click Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) Screenshot
  5. Click Contribution Room Screenshot
  6. Click Next at the disclaimer Screenshot
  7. Look for 2017 TFSA contribution room on January 1, 2017. This value is your most accurate contribution room since the date. Any contributions or withdrawals this year will not be included in this number. Screenshot

Keep in mind that while there's no limit to the number of TFSAs an individual can open, your contribution limit will remain the same. For example, if you have $52,000 in contribution room available and have two TFSA accounts you could still only contribute a maximum of $52,000 to either of the accounts, not both.

To learn more about TFSAs, click here to view the CRA's webpage on TFSAs

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