How do I verify my TD Banking?

Wealthsimple asks clients to verify bank accounts to make funds transfers to and from Wealthsimple. For clients with non-registered (taxable) investment accounts, banking verification is also required to meet Canadian anti-money laundering regulations.

There are four ways to verify your TD chequing or savings account with Wealthsimple:

Upload the document of your choice via the website.

Void Cheque

You can use a void cheque or direct deposit form from your TD account. Please note that this form of banking verification suffices for registered account types only. For eligible non-registered banking verification, one of the options below are necessary.

Cleared Cheque

A cleared cheque has been processed through and certified by your bank. You can find a copy of this by looking through your transaction history in your online banking portal and searching for a cheque that's been processed. You can download an image by following these steps:

  1. Login to your online banking by visiting
  2. Look through your transactions to find a cheque that has been cashed against your account
  3. You should be able to click on the cheque transaction
  4. The image that is loaded is a cleared cheque. Save the image (both front and back)
  5. Upload both the front and back to your Wealthsimple dashboard

Bank Statement

1. Login to your online banking by visiting

2. Go to the left hand side of the page and click Accounts > Statements & Documents


3. Click the statement of the account attached to your Wealthsimple account. 


4. Either Save or Print Screen the statement 


5. Upload it to your Wealthsimple account

Bank Screenshot

  1. Login to your online banking by visiting
  2. The screen which you land on when you first login to your Easy Web (online) shows all the required information.
  3. Take a screenshot by pressing Print Screen on your Windows keyboard, or by pressing Cmd+Shift+3 on a Mac
  4. Upload it to your Wealthsimple account

Here's what a sample online banking screenshot from TD looks like:

*Please note that if you click into a specific account you lose some of the required information

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