Available assets on Wealthsimple Trade

Wealthsimple Trade currently supports the following assets, as long as they meet our eligibility criteria (see below):

Eligibility criteria

A stock or ETF must meet our eligibility criteria to become available on Wealthsimple Trade.

When you search for an asset that is unavailable to trade, you'll see a brief message explaining why. Some of the reasons are as follows –

The security type is not supported
Only stocks and ETFs are supported on Wealthsimple Trade. Wealthsimple Trade does not support any other assets, including:

  • Mutual Funds
  • Preferred Shares
  • Options
  • Securities that trade Over-the-counter (OTC)
  • Forwards & Futures
  • Rights and Warrants
  • Bonds
  • Investment Savings Accounts & Money Markets
  • Stocks & ETFs that trade on non-North American exchanges

This security isn’t listed on a supported exchange
Wealthsimple Trade currently supports stocks and ETFs trading on the following exchanges:

  • Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX)
  • TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV)
  • New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
  • NEO
  • Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE)
  • BATS Exchange – limited securities available

If the security you're looking for is listed on another exchange or is traded over-the-counter (OTC) you will not be able to purchase it on the Trade platform. If the security is listed on both a US exchange and a Canadian exchange, we will only support the security listed on the Canadian exchange.

This security may not meet our settlement or average daily trading volume requirements
We only allow securities to be traded that settle with the Canadian Depository for Securities (CDS). We also impose minimum price and volume constraints for stocks traded on the platform.

The security is delisted, suspended, or halted
In most cases, orders can’t be submitted for securities that are delisted or suspended. Orders can be submitted for securities that are halted, however, they will not fill until trading resumes.

Note: If you own a stock or ETF within your Trade account that is no longer supported, you’ll still be able to sell it as long as the stock has not been delisted and is still being traded. However, you will not be able to purchase additional shares.

Request a new stock or ETF

If you'd like to request a stock or ETF that's not currently available on the Trade platform, you can add it to the feedback survey below:

Wealthsimple Trade Stock and ETF Request Form

While the form doesn't guarantee that we will add your requested securities to the platform, we'll monitor responses to help make the Trade experience better.

New listings on Wealthsimple Trade

Security Name Symbol Exchange Date
Tinley Beverage Co Inc TNY CSE 7/23/2021
MedMen Enterprises Inc - Ordinary Shares - Class B (Sub Voting) MMEN CSE 7/23/2021
Harvest Health & Recreation Inc - Ordinary Shares (Sub Voting) HARV CSE 7/23/2021
Generic Gold Corp GGC CSE 7/23/2021
Cannabix Technologies Inc BLO CSE 7/23/2021
TerrAscend Corp TER CSE 7/23/2021
Sharc International Systems Inc SHRC CSE 7/23/2021
Medaro Mining Corp MEDA CSE 7/23/2021
Bam Bam Resources Corp BBR CSE 7/23/2021
Cypherpunk Holdings Inc HODL CSE 7/23/2021
Australis Capital Inc AUSA CSE 7/23/2021
iAnthus Capital Holdings Inc IAN CSE 7/23/2021
Pampa Metals Corporation PM CSE 7/23/2021
POSaBIT Systems Corp PBIT CSE 7/23/2021
Rapid Dose Therapeutics Corp DOSE CSE 7/23/2021
IM Cannabis Corp IMCC CSE 7/23/2021
Exploits Discovery Corp NFLD CSE 7/23/2021
Fansunite Entertainment Inc FANS CSE 7/23/2021
SoLVBL Solutions Inc SOLV CSE 7/23/2021
New Leaf Ventures Inc NLV CSE 7/23/2021
XS Financial Inc XSF CSE 7/23/2021
Blackhawk Growth Corp BLR CSE 7/23/2021
Cansortium Inc TIUM.U CSE 7/23/2021
Metallica Metals Corp MM CSE 7/23/2021
Relay Medical Corp RELA CSE 7/23/2021
DeepSpatial Inc DSAI CSE 7/23/2021
AmmPower Corp AMMP CSE 7/23/2021
ScreenPro Security Inc SCRN CSE 7/23/2021
Peak Fintech Group Inc PKK CSE 7/23/2021
Happy Supplements Inc FITT CSE 7/23/2021
Captor Capital Corp CPTR CSE 7/23/2021
Lowell Farms Inc LOWL CSE 7/23/2021
Revive Therapeutics Ltd RVV CSE 7/23/2021
Bluesky Digital Assets Corp BTC CSE 7/23/2021
Asante Gold Corp ASE CSE 7/23/2021
Curaleaf Holdings Inc CURA CSE 7/23/2021
Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc LQID CSE 7/23/2021
Golden Independence Mining Corp IGLD CSE 7/23/2021
Luxxfolio Holdings Inc LUXX CSE 7/23/2021
Fandom Sports Media Corp FDM CSE 7/23/2021
Rritual Superfoods Inc RSF CSE 7/23/2021
Sixth Wave Innovations Inc SIXW CSE 7/23/2021
Rockshield Capital Corp RKS CSE 7/23/2021
C2C Gold Corp CTOC CSE 7/23/2021
HAVN Life Sciences Inc. HAVN CSE 7/23/2021
Harborside Inc HBOR CSE 7/23/2021
PharmaTher Holdings Ltd PHRM CSE 7/23/2021
Green Thumb Industries Inc GTII CSE 7/23/2021
Evolving Gold Corp EVG CSE 7/23/2021
BevCanna Enterprises Inc BEV CSE 7/23/2021
GoldHaven Resources Corp GOH CSE 7/23/2021
Emerald Health Therapeutics Inc EMH CSE 7/23/2021
Benjamin Hill Mining Corp BNN CSE 7/23/2021
Speakeasy Cannabis Club Ltd EASY CSE 7/23/2021
Headwater Gold Inc HWG CSE 7/23/2021
Mindset Pharma Inc MSET CSE 7/23/2021
Eat Beyond Global Holdings Inc EATS CSE 7/23/2021
Goodness Growth Holdings Inc GDNS CSE 7/23/2021
Thoughtful Brands Inc TBI CSE 7/23/2021
TAAT Global Alternatives Inc TAAT CSE 7/23/2021
Nurosene Health Inc MEND CSE 7/23/2021
Patriot Battery Metals Inc PMET CSE 7/23/2021
Jushi Holdings Inc. (Class B) JUSH CSE 7/23/2021
Lynx Global Digital Finance Corporation LYNX CSE 7/23/2021
Western Uranium & Vanadium Corp WUC CSE 7/23/2021
Australian Goldfields Limited AUGF CSE 7/23/2021
Tarachi Gold Corp TRG CSE 7/23/2021
Predictmedix Inc PMED CSE 7/23/2021
Tryp Therapeutics Inc TRYP CSE 7/23/2021
Xigem Technologies Corporation XIGM CSE 7/23/2021
4Front Ventures Corp FFNT CSE 7/23/2021
Silver Dollar Resources Inc SLV CSE 7/23/2021
CurrencyWorks Inc CWRK CSE 7/23/2021
NetCents Technology Inc NC CSE 7/23/2021
C21 Investments Inc CXXI CSE 7/23/2021
Red Light Holland Corp TRIP CSE 7/23/2021
Vext Science Inc. VEXT CSE 7/23/2021
Trulieve Cannabis Corp TRUL CSE 7/23/2021
Trillion Energy International Inc TCF CSE 7/23/2021
ImagineAR Inc IP CSE 7/23/2021
VirtualArmour International Inc VAI.X CSE 7/23/2021
Entheon Biomedical Corp ENBI CSE 7/23/2021
Spotlite360 Technologies Inc LITE CSE 7/23/2021
SLANG Worldwide Inc SLNG CSE 7/23/2021
Gold Lion Resources Inc GL CSE 7/23/2021
Link Global Technologies Inc LNK CSE 7/23/2021
Scotch Creek Ventures Inc SCV CSE 7/23/2021
Getchell Gold Corp GTCH CSE 7/23/2021
SOL Global Investments Corp SOL CSE 7/23/2021
Lakewood Exploration Inc LWD CSE 7/23/2021
Aduro Clean Technologies Inc ACT CSE 7/23/2021
Tevano Systems Holdings Inc TEVO CSE 7/23/2021
Spey Resources Corp SPEY CSE 7/23/2021
Humble & Fume Inc HMBL CSE 7/23/2021
Valeo Pharma Inc (Class A) VPH CSE 7/23/2021
PlantFuel Life Inc FUEL CSE 7/23/2021
Manning Ventures Inc MANN CSE 7/23/2021
Tocvan Ventures Corp TOC CSE 7/23/2021
Izotropic Corp IZO CSE 7/23/2021
CanaFarma Hemp Products Corp CNFA CSE 7/23/2021
Quantum Battery Metals Corp QBAT CSE 7/23/2021
Icanic Brands Company Inc ICAN CSE 7/23/2021
Peakbirch Logic Inc PKB CSE 7/23/2021
G2 Technologies Corp GTOO CSE 7/23/2021
Plant Veda Foods Ltd MILK CSE 7/23/2021
Yumy Bear Goods Inc YUMY CSE 7/23/2021
Cognetivity Neurosciences Ltd CGN CSE 7/23/2021
BetterLife Pharma Inc BETR CSE 7/23/2021
Auxico Resources Canada Inc AUAG CSE 7/23/2021
Graycliff Exploration Limited GRAY CSE 7/23/2021
Burrell Resources Inc. BURY CSE 7/23/2021
Intellabridge Technology Corp INTL CSE 7/23/2021
VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp VSBY CSE 7/23/2021
Playground Ventures Inc PLAY CSE 7/23/2021
BioHarvest Sciences Inc BHSC CSE 7/23/2021
GreenBank Capital Inc GBC CSE 7/23/2021
Blue Lagoon Resources Inc. BLLG CSE 7/23/2021
Hello Pal International Inc. HP CSE 7/23/2021
Sprout AI Inc SPRT CSE 7/23/2021
Cross River Ventures Corp CRVC CSE 7/23/2021
Dominion Water Reserves Corp DWR CSE 7/23/2021
ManifestSeven Holdings Corp (Class A) MSVN CSE 7/23/2021
American Pacific Mining Corp USGD CSE 7/23/2021
Leocor Gold Inc LECR CSE 7/23/2021
Discover Wellness Solutions Inc WLNS CSE 7/23/2021
Canadian GoldCamps Corp CAMP CSE 7/23/2021
Aquarius AI Inc AQUA CSE 7/23/2021
AI/ML Innovations Inc AIML CSE 7/23/2021
ThreeD Capital Inc IDK CSE 7/23/2021
Braxia Scientific Corp BRAX CSE 7/23/2021
Poda Lifestyle and Wellness Ltd PODA CSE 7/23/2021
Great Thunder Gold Corp GTG CSE 7/23/2021
United Lithium Corp ULTH CSE 7/23/2021
Algernon Pharmaceuticals Inc (Class A) AGN CSE 7/23/2021
TILT Holdings Inc TILT CSE 7/23/2021
Nuran Wireless Inc NUR CSE 7/23/2021
Juva Life Inc JUVA CSE 7/23/2021
Sassy Resources Corporation SASY CSE 7/23/2021
Voyageur Mineral Explorers Corp VOY CSE 7/23/2021
XTM Inc PAID CSE 7/23/2021
Mind Cure Health Inc MCUR CSE 7/23/2021
Prophecy DeFi Inc. PDFI CSE 7/23/2021
E79 Resources Corp ESNR CSE 7/23/2021
Newlox Gold Ventures Corp LUX CSE 7/23/2021
Golden Lake Exploration Inc GLM CSE 7/23/2021
HealthSpace Data Systems Ltd HS CSE 7/23/2021
Exchangeable Shares MMAX CSE 7/23/2021
Outback Goldfields Corp OZ CSE 7/23/2021
Pure Extracts Technologies Corp PULL CSE 7/23/2021
Voyager Digital Ltd VYGR CSE 7/23/2021
XPhyto Therapeutics Corp XPHY CSE 7/23/2021
Psyched Wellness Ltd PSYC CSE 7/23/2021
Blockchain Foundry Inc BCFN CSE 7/23/2021
BioMark Diagnostics Inc BUX CSE 7/23/2021
Stem Holdings Inc STEM CSE 7/23/2021
Gold Basin Resources Corporation GXX CSE 7/23/2021
InnoCan Pharma Corp INNO CSE 7/23/2021
FSD Pharma Inc (Class B) HUGE CSE 7/23/2021
Flower One Holdings Inc FONE CSE 7/23/2021
Kuya Silver Corporation KUYA CSE 7/23/2021
Red White & Bloom Brands Inc. RWB CSE 7/23/2021
West Mining Corp. WEST CSE 7/23/2021
Silver Phoenix Resources Inc SP CSE 7/23/2021
Tartisan Nickel Corp TN CSE 7/23/2021
Zinc8 Energy Solutions Inc ZAIR CSE 7/23/2021
Major Precious Metals Corp SIZE CSE 7/23/2021
GlobeX Data Ltd SWIS CSE 7/23/2021
RAMM Pharma Corp RAMM CSE 7/23/2021
EnviroGold Global Limited NVRO CSE 7/23/2021
BioVaxys Technology Corp BIOV CSE 7/23/2021
Temas Resources Corp TMAS CSE 7/23/2021
Perk Labs Inc PERK CSE 7/23/2021
PlantX Life Inc VEGA CSE 7/23/2021
St-Georges Eco-Mining Corp SX CSE 7/23/2021
Gamesquare Esports Inc GSQ CSE 7/23/2021
Psyence Group Inc PSYG CSE 7/23/2021
Plymouth Rock Technologies Inc PRT CSE 7/23/2021
Next Green Wave Holdings Inc NGW CSE 7/23/2021
Sona Nanotech Inc. SONA CSE 7/23/2021
Core One Labs Inc COOL CSE 7/23/2021
Hollister Biosciences Inc HOLL CSE 7/23/2021
Hempsana Holdings Ltd HMPS CSE 7/23/2021
Nanosphere Health Sciences Inc NSHS CSE 7/23/2021
Victory Square Technologies Inc VST CSE 7/23/2021
EarthRenew Inc ERTH CSE 7/23/2021
Norsemont Mining Inc NOM CSE 7/23/2021
BIGG Digital Assets Inc BIGG CSE 7/23/2021
Codebase Ventures Inc CODE CSE 7/23/2021
Mojave Brands Inc MOJO CSE 7/23/2021
Clarity Gold Corp CLAR CSE 7/23/2021
Cloud Nine Web3 Technologies Inc CNI CSE 7/23/2021
Plank Ventures Ltd. PLNK CSE 7/23/2021
General Gold Resources Inc GGLD CSE 7/23/2021
MegaWatt Lithium and Battery Metals Corp MEGA CSE 7/23/2021
CopperBank Resources Corp CBK CSE 7/23/2021
Ayr Wellness Inc. AYR.A CSE 7/23/2021
Gage Growth Corp GAGE CSE 7/23/2021
Cresco Labs Inc. CL CSE 7/23/2021
Verano Holdings Corp (Class A) VRNO CSE 7/23/2021
Optimi Health Corp OPTI CSE 7/23/2021
Danavation Technologies Corp DVN CSE 7/23/2021
Delic Holdings Inc DELC CSE 7/23/2021
Snowline Gold Corp SGD CSE 7/23/2021
EnviroLeach Technologies Inc ETI CSE 7/23/2021
FenixOro Gold Corp FENX CSE 7/23/2021
First Energy Metals Limited FE CSE 7/23/2021
Ikanik Farms Inc. IKNK.U CSE 7/23/2021
Levitee Labs Inc LVT CSE 7/23/2021
Mobilum Technologies Inc MBLM CSE 7/23/2021
DigiMax Global Inc DIGI CSE 7/23/2021
Captiva Verde Wellness Corp PWR CSE 7/23/2021
Fathom Nickel Inc FNI CSE 7/23/2021
Boosh Plant-Based Brands Inc VEGI CSE 7/23/2021
Chalice Brands Ltd CHAL CSE 7/23/2021
Clearmind Medicine Inc CMND CSE 7/23/2021
Contakt World Technologies Corp (Class A) HELP CSE 7/23/2021
Element Nutritional Sciences Inc ELMT CSE 7/23/2021
Sentinel Resources Corp SNL CSE 7/23/2021
GameOn Entertainment Technologies Inc GET CSE 7/23/2021
Appia Energy Corp API CSE 7/23/2021
Mister Car Wash, Inc. MCW NYSE 06/25/2021
Doximity, Inc. DOCS NYSE 06/24/2021
Bright Health Group BHG NYSE 06/24/2021
Confluent, Inc. CFLT NASDAQ 06/24/2021
Monte Rosa Therapeutics GLUE NASDAQ 06/24/2021
KraneShares CICC China 5G and Semiconductor Index ETF KFVG NYSE 06/24/2021
ProShares VIX Mid-Term Futures ETF VIXM BATS 06/24/2021
Guardion Health Sciences Inc GHSI NASDAQ 06/24/2021
Ra Medical Systems Inc RMED NYSE 06/24/2021
First Advantage Corp. FA NASDAQ 06/23/2021
Sprinklr, Inc. CXM NYSE 06/23/2021
BlackRock New York Municipal Income Trust BNY NYSE 06/23/2021
Roundhill BITKRAFT Esports & Digital Entertainment ETF NERD NYSE 06/21/2021
Amplify Seymour Cannabis ETF CNBS NYSE 06/21/2021
Skillsoft Corp. (Class A) SKIL NYSE 06/18/2021
Cyteir Therapeutics CYT NASDAQ 06/18/2021
Century Therapeutics, Inc. IPSC NASDAQ 06/18/2021
O`Shares Global Internet Giants ETF OGIG BATS 06/18/2021
Sonim Technologies Inc SONM NASDAQ 06/18/2021
SoFi Weekly Income ETF TGIF NYSE 06/18/2021
VerifyMe Inc VRME NASDAQ 06/18/2021
Lyell Immunopharma, Inc. LYEL NASDAQ 06/17/2021
Verve Therapeutics VERV NASDAQ 06/17/2021
Opgen Inc OPGN NASDAQ 06/17/2021
Tyme Technologies Inc TYME NASDAQ 06/17/2021
Convey Holding Parent, Inc. CNVY NYSE 06/16/2021
Global X Video Games & Esports ETF HERO NASDAQ 06/16/2021
Silvergate Capital Corp (Class A) SI NYSE 06/16/2021
Procure Space ETF UFO NASDAQ 06/16/2021
AdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis ETF MSOS NYSE 06/16/2021
180 Life Sciences Corp ATNF NASDAQ 06/16/2021
AZEK Company Inc (Class A) AZEK NYSE 06/15/2021
Foresight Autonomous Holdings Ltd FRSX NASDAQ 06/14/2021
HUYA Inc HUYA NYSE 06/14/2021
Invesco NASDAQ 100 ETF QQQM NASDAQ 06/14/2021
TaskUs, Inc. TASK NASDAQ 06/11/2021
Janux Therapeutics, Inc. JANX NASDAQ 06/11/2021
UP Fintech Holding Ltd TIGR NASDAQ 06/11/2021
Allied Esports Entertainment Inc AESE NASDAQ 06/11/2021
Reliance Global Group Inc RELI NASDAQ 06/11/2021
Mudrick Capital Acquisition Corp II (Class A) MUDS NASDAQ 06/11/2021
Moxian Inc MOXC NASDAQ 06/11/2021
Gores Holdings VI Inc (Class A) GHVI NASDAQ 06/11/2021
Nationwide Risk-Managed Income ETF NUSI NYSE 06/11/2021
Invesco S&P 500 High Dividend Low Volatility ETF SPHD NYSE 06/10/2021
AdvisorShares Pure Cannabis ETF YOLO NYSE 06/10/2021
BRP Group Inc (Class A) BRP NASDAQ 06/10/2021
The Cannabis ETF THCX NYSE 06/10/2021
Marqeta Inc MQ NASDAQ 06/09/2021
Castle Biosciences Inc CSTL NASDAQ 06/09/2021
Senseonics Holdings Inc SENS NYSE 06/09/2021
Iovance Biotherapeutics Inc IOVA NASDAQ 06/09/2021
ESS U.S.Global Jets ETF JETS NYSE 06/09/2021
PDS Biotechnology Corporation PDSB NASDAQ 06/09/2021
Innovative Industrial Properties Inc IIPR NYSE 06/09/2021
Vanguard Group, Inc. - Vanguard S&P 500 Growth ETF VOOG NYSE 06/04/2021
Scopus Biopharma Inc SCPS NASDAQ 06/04/2021
Legato Merger Corp LEGO NASDAQ 06/04/2021
Vinco Ventures Inc BBIG NASDAQ 06/04/2021
Shell Midstream Partners L.P. SHLX NYSE 06/04/2021
SPDR Portfolio S&P 500 High Dividend ETF SPYD NYSE 06/04/2021
Global X NASDAQ 100 Covered Call ETF QYLD NASDAQ 06/03/2021
Evelo Biosciences EVLO NASDAQ 06/02/2021
Annovis Bio Inc ANVS NYSE 06/02/2021
GoDaddy Inc GDDY NYSE 06/01/2021
Atrium Mortgage Investment Corp AI TSX 5/27/2021
Akita Drilling Ltd. (Class A) AKT.A TSX 5/27/2021
Algoma Central Corp. ALC TSX 5/27/2021
Almaden Minerals Ltd AMM TSX 5/27/2021
Andlauer Healthcare Group Inc AND TSX 5/27/2021
Automotive Properties Real Estate Investment Trust APR.UN TSX 5/27/2021
Aptose Biosciences Inc APS TSX 5/27/2021
Alimentation-Couche Tard, Inc. (Class A) ATD.A TSX 5/27/2021
Golden Minerals Co AUMN TSX 5/27/2021
Avicanna Inc AVCN TSX 5/27/2021
Black Diamond Group Ltd BDI TSX 5/27/2021
Bonterra Energy Corp. BNE TSX 5/27/2021
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (Class A) BRK.A NYSE 5/27/2021
Boyd Group Services Inc BYD TSX 5/27/2021
Comstock Holding Co. Inc (Class A) CHCI NASDAQ 5/27/2021
China Index Holdings Ltd CIH NASDAQ 5/27/2021
Coca-Cola Consolidated Inc COKE NASDAQ 5/27/2021
Canadian Tire Corp., Ltd. CTC TSX 5/27/2021
Caldwell Partners International Inc. CWL TSX 5/27/2021
Decibel Cannabis Company Inc DB TSX-V 5/27/2021
Star Diamond Corp DIAM TSX 5/27/2021
Medical Facilities Corp DR TSX 5/27/2021
Eastern Platinum Ltd ELR TSX 5/27/2021
Eco (Atlantic) Oil & Gas Ltd EOG TSX-V 5/27/2021
Equitable Group Inc. EQB TSX 5/27/2021
Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation FC TSX 5/27/2021
Fairfax Financial Holdings, Ltd. FFH TSX 5/27/2021
FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd FLY TSX-V 5/27/2021
First National Financial Corporation FN TSX 5/27/2021
Graphite One Inc GPH TSX-V 5/27/2021
Greenbriar Capital Corp GRB TSX-V 5/27/2021
GURU Organic Energy Corp GURU TSX 5/27/2021
Haivision Systems Inc HAI TSX 5/27/2021
Helix Biopharma Corp. HBP TSX 5/27/2021
Heroux-Devtek Inc. HRX TSX 5/27/2021
Indigo Books & Music Inc IDG TSX 5/27/2021
Input Capital Corp INP TSX-V 5/27/2021
INV Metals Inc INV TSX 5/27/2021
ImmunoPrecise Antibodies Ltd IPA TSX-V 5/27/2021
Kits Eyecare Ltd KITS TSX 5/27/2021 inc KSI TSX-V 5/27/2021
Redishred Capital Corp KUT TSX-V 5/27/2021
LeoNovus Inc LTV TSX-V 5/27/2021
LXRandCo Inc (Class B) LXR TSX 5/27/2021
Magellan Aerospace Corp. MAL TSX 5/27/2021
Maverix Metals Inc MMX TSX 5/27/2021
Metalla Royalty and Streaming Ltd MTA TSX-V 5/27/2021
Nevada Copper Corp. NCU TSX 5/27/2021
Neonode Inc. NEON NASDAQ 5/27/2021
Nova Cannabis Inc NOVC TSX-V 5/27/2021
Nanotech Security Corp NTS TSX-V 5/27/2021
OneSoft Solutions Inc OSS TSX-V 5/27/2021
Oculus VisionTech Inc OVT TSX-V 5/27/2021
CGX Energy Inc OYL TSX-V 5/27/2021
Pollard Banknote Ltd PBL TSX 5/27/2021
Pure Energy Minerals Ltd PE TSX-V 5/27/2021
Psychemedics Corp. PMD NASDAQ 5/27/2021
Perpetua Resources Corp. PPTA TSX 5/27/2021
Power Metals Corp PWM TSX-V 5/27/2021
Rogers Communications Inc. (Class A) RCI.A TSX 5/27/2021
Rock Tech Lithium Inc RCK TSX-V 5/27/2021
Sigma Lithium Resources Corp. SGMA TSX-V 5/27/2021
Source Energy Services Ltd SHLE TSX 5/27/2021
Solitario Zinc Corp SLR TSX 5/27/2021
SolGold Plc SOLG TSX 5/27/2021
STEP Energy Services Ltd STEP TSX 5/27/2021
Steppe Gold Ltd STGO TSX 5/27/2021
Silver Bull Resources Inc SVB TSX 5/27/2021
Sierra Wireless Inc SW TSX 5/27/2021
Supremex Inc SXP TSX 5/27/2021
Tecsys Inc TCS TSX 5/27/2021
Tervita Corporation TEV TSX 5/27/2021
Think Research Corporation THNK TSX-V 5/27/2021
Titan Mining Corp TI TSX 5/27/2021
Tanzanian Gold Corp TNX TSX 5/27/2021
Total Energy Services Inc TOT TSX 5/27/2021
Trilogy International Partners Inc TRL TSX 5/27/2021
Ucore Rare Metals Inc UCU TSX-V 5/27/2021
Vitalhub Corp VHI TSX-V 5/27/2021
Binovi Technologies Corp. VISN TSX-V 5/27/2021
Avivagen Inc VIV TSX-V 5/27/2021
VIVO Cannabis Inc. VIVO TSX 5/27/2021
VIQ Solutions Inc VQS TSX 5/27/2021
WeCommerce Holdings Ltd (Class A) WE TSX-V 5/27/2021
Whitehorse Gold Corp WHG TSX-V 5/27/2021
Wishpond Technologies Ltd. WISH TSX-V 5/27/2021
Ximen Mining Corp XIM TSX-V 5/27/2021
EXCO Technologies Ltd. XTC TSX 5/27/2021
Zenabis Global Inc. ZENA TSX 5/27/2021
FIGS, Inc. FIGS NYSE 5/27/2021
Paymentus Holdings, Inc. PAY NYSE 5/26/2021
Squarespace, Inc. SQSP NYSE 5/19/2021
Reviva Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc. RVPH NASDAQ 5/18/2021
Talaris Therapeutics, Inc. TALS NASDAQ 5/7/2021
The Honest Company, Inc. HNST NASDAQ 5/5/2021



Transfer an investment account into Wealthsimple from another banking institution

You can transfer your existing investment account at another banking institution into one of Wealthsimple’s investment products. It generally takes 2 - 4 weeks to complete a transfer.

Tip: Institutions typically charge a $50 – $150 administrative fee to transfer your account. We will reimburse this fee if your transfer is greater than $5,000 in value.

Set up your transfer

Transfer into Wealthsimple Invest
Wealthsimple Invest is our automated investing service that manages your investments for you. There are lots of different types of accounts you can transfer into Invest –

Transfer into Wealthsimple Trade
Wealthsimple Trade is our commission-free trading service. It’s a good choice if you’re looking to actively manage your portfolio yourself.

Note: If your cash balance or holdings are in USD, we will automatically convert the USD into CAD upon receipt.

Transfer timelines

Most transfers take 1 - 4 weeks to complete, although in some cases it can take up to 8 weeks if the transfer is more complex. Here are some of the things that extend transfer timelines –

The transfer method
An institution will transfer your funds to Wealthsimple as either an electronic funds transfer or as a cheque in the mail. An electronic funds transfer is typically much faster than a cheque in the mail.

Mis-matched information
When the information we have on file doesn’t match what your banking institution has, it can introduce a delay into the process. Common reasons for mis-matched information include –

  • Information in your Wealthsimple account – like your account number, full name, SIN, residential address and date of birth – doesn’t match the information your bank has on file.
  • Your digital signature is dramatically different from the signature your banking institution has on file.
  • You’re transferring one account into a different type of account.

Note: You can also view and cancel your pending transfers.

Tips for a successful transfer

  • Make sure the information in your Wealthsimple account matches the information your bank has on file
    Double-check that your account number, full name, SIN, residential address and date of birth are up to -date. Ask your bank to update your details if the information doesn’t match. Alternatively, send us an email and we can amend the transfer form for you.

  • Create the most accurate digital signature you can
    If you notice that the signature on your transfer form is drastically different from your regular signature, then it is possible that your financial institution may reject our request.

  • Be aware of transfer fees from your institution
    Your institution may charge a transfer fee of up to $150, and this will be deducted from your account value. If there are insufficient funds to cover the transfer fee, then your bank may reject the transfer request.

  • Make sure you’re transferring into the same type of account
    When transferring investment accounts, it is important that the account you have with your bank matches the investment account you have at Wealthsimple. For example: if you're transferring a Spousal RRSP, make sure you open a Spousal RRSP at Wealthsimple.

Two-Step Verification on Invest

Two-step verification (otherwise known as two-factor authentication or 2FA) adds an extra layer of security to your account. Wealthsimple uses two-step verification by default for all of our accounts.

What is two-step verification?

Two-step verification allows you to prevent someone from accessing your account if they have your username and password. Two-step verification is often a unique code sent via SMS, email, or through an app. We'll ask you to provide this code after you've entered your username and password.

Note: Two-step verification is just one of the ways we keep Wealthsimple safe and secure.

When you first set up your account, we'll ask you to choose how you'd like to receive your verification code: email, SMS, or via an app (such as Google Authenticator). We'll also send you a recovery code. This code will allow you to access your account if you lose the ability to receive your two-factor verification codes.

Tip: Make sure to save your recovery code and keep it in a secure place.

Can I turn off two-step verification?

It's not possible to turn off two-step verification. However, you can ask Wealthsimple to remember your device for 30 days. If you select this option, we won't ask you to provide a verification code every time you log in from the same device during a 30-day window. To set this up, follow these steps —

  1. Log into and sign in to your Invest & Save profile
  2. After being asked for your 2FA code, check the box that says Remember this device for 30 days
  3. This will mean that you won't be asked for your 2FA code for 30 days

Update your two-step verification method

You can change to another two-step verification method at any time. For example, if you'd like to receive your verification codes through an app rather than email, follow these steps -- 

  1. Log into and sign in to your Invest & Save profile
  2. Click your name on the top right side of the screen
  3. Select Settings from the drop down menu
  4. Click Security from the top left menu bar
  5. Scroll down to Two-Step Verification and follow the prompts
  1. Sign in to the Invest mobile app
  2. Tap the Profile icon on the top right corner of the screen
  3. Select Security from the menu
  4. Tap Two-step verification and follow the prompts


Below are some troubleshooting tips for common issues related to accessing your account due to 2FA —

If your two-step verification code isn’t working

  1. You may be waiting longer than 1 minute to input the code: After 1 minute, your 2FA code will no longer be valid. If this happens, request a new code and make sure to input it before the minute passes.
  2. Your SMS provider may be delaying the texts that get sent to you: In this case, you’re likely receiving the code after the minute time limit is up. The best solution here is to use your recovery code to access your account, then switch your 2FA method to email or authentication app.
  3. Your phone clock may be wrong and you're using an authentication app: If your phone clock is incorrect, this can cause a delay in the code that your authentication app is providing you. The best solution is to verify that your phone's date and time is set to update automatically by your carrier.

If you have lost access to your two-step verification code

  1. You have your recovery code: You can use your recovery code instead of a 2FA code to login to your Wealthsimple profile. You can then update your two-step verification method from your profile.
  2. You do not have your recovery code: If you don’t have your recovery code, you'll need to call our support team so they can verify your identity. Due to the elevated security associated with two-step verification, we're unable to help you regain access to your account via email. Please call us at +1 (855) 255-9038. We are available Monday to Friday (except holidays) from 8:00 am -8:00 pm EST.