What asset classes do your funds represent?

A well-balanced portfolio is crucial for building wealth and limiting risk. Each of our portfolios includes between 10 and up to 15 funds and each one represents a specific market. This is how our list is now, but we do continual research and will change over time based on our investment views and strategy.


Trading Symbol Fund Name Asset Class
BUKEDRA LN Equity BlackRock UK Equity Tracker Fund UK Equities
ANARHGC LX Equity Amundi Index MSCI North American Fund North American Equities
BLCEEDA LN Equity BlackRock Continential European Equity Tracker Fund European Equities (ex. UK)
BPXJDRA LN Equity BlackRock Pacific Ex-Japan Tracker Fund Asian and Australasian Equities (ex. Japan)
BJPEDRA LN Equity BlackRock Japan Equity Tracker Fund Japanese Equities
VANGMSA ID Equity Vanguard Global Small Cap Index Fund Global Small-Cap Equities
VAVGEMA ID Equity Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund Emerging Market Equities
BUKGADA LN Equity BlackRock UK Gilts All Stocks Tracker Fund UK Government Bonds
BCOBDRA LN Equity BlackRock Corporate Bond Tracker Fund GBP Issued Corporate Bonds
BGEI2GH LX Equity BlackRock Emerging Markets Government Bond Index Fund Emerging Market Bonds
PGHYEPJ ID Equity PIMCO Global High Yield Bond Fund Global High Yield Bond
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