How do I verify my bank with Microdeposits?

When you opt to verify your bank with microdeposits, we'll send two deposits between 0.01 and 0.99 to your bank account. You should expect to see these in your bank account within 2-3 days after the date of the request.

To finish opening your account, please check to see that you have received the deposits and input both amounts on your Wealthsimple homepage. Once you've entered the correct amounts, your bank will be approved and any pending deposits from the bank account will be processed.

I haven't received my Microdeposits yet.

Microdeposits take up to three days to post to your bank account. If you haven't received your microdeposits after three business days please contact support.

I'm entering the amounts I received but they aren't working.

Often you may run into an error when we've sent multiple micro-deposits to your bank. Microdeposits expire after 10 days. We will automatically send you a second set of microdeposits after your first set expires. This can get tricky because we'll be pulling out the old microdeposits and depositing new microdeposits at the same time. When inputting your values, please ensure that you're entering the two most recent inflows you received.

I entered my microdeposits incorrectly too many times and I've run out of retry attempts.

We'd be happy to reset your microdeposits for you. Please submit a request so we can send you two new deposits.

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