How to Transfer an Account From Constellation Trust to Wealthsimple

We’ve been working with Constellation to streamline the transfer process, and we now have the ability to complete the transfer completely through the Wealthsimple website!

Here's how to do it:

Before completing starting your transfer, make sure you have the specific account type (IRA, Roth IRA, Personal Account, etc) open with Wealthsimple. You can add these accounts on the Add Account Page.

Please note: Some account types require paper applications to open (ie. Joint Accounts, Beneficiary IRAs, Trusts, UTMA/UGMA). Please contact us if you'd like to open these accounts.

1. Login to your Wealthsimple account and make sure to open the type of account you are looking to transfer over on your profile.

2. Navigate to the "Funding page" of your account and click "Transfer an existing account"

3. Select the account type your transferring. Note: you'll need to have added the account on the Add Account Page before you select it here.

4.  Add "Tactical Asset Allocation" as the institution name, the account title, and the Constellation account number.

5. Upload a statement of the account.

6. Sign the transfer form. Advisors: Please note that the signature page will not be accessible when accessing an account from the Advisor dashboard. The form can only be signed when logged in with the client’s username and password.

4. We'll coordinate with Constellation to move the account over here. These processes typically take up to 7-10 business days to process.

We will also reimburse the transfer fee that your Constellation charges.

If you have any trouble with your transfer, feel free to reach out to us at or call us at 1(416)543-3314.


Alternative Option 2: Complete the transfer form using our intake form 

Complete the Constellation Trust Transfer Request Form here:

We'll use the information you provide to send the transfer form to your email via Docu-Sign. You'll be able to add your e-signature to sign and submit your transfer with a few clicks. 

Alternative Option 3: Completing the transfer with the Paper Form 

Download and complete the CONSTELLATION TRUST TRANSFER FORM TEMPLATE. You can see an example of what a completed form looks like by clicking here. The fields that need to be completed are highlighted in yellow on the example transfer form. The account holder will need to add their physical signature to the transfer form on the second page.

You can find your Wealthsimple account numbers at any time in the My Documents section of our website. They are listed in each of your trade confirmations, monthly statements, and Investor Policy Statement.

Scan the transfer form, upload the transfer form and account statement to this secure link here and email us to let us know once you've had a chance to do this.

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